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"Scott did our Nissan Skyline show car. To give you an idea of how good a job he did I was asked at a Donnington show if we had had the car resprayed" - Bren (Apex Performance)

Welcome to Obsessive Car Detailing

Obsessive Car Detailing (OCD) are extremely passionate about detailing cars. We are not a car valet company, we are Automotive Detailing and Finishing Specialists where automotive detailing perfection is our every day reality.

Every vehicle Obsessive Car Detailing prepares is finished to the highest possible standard using the high quality products for the ultimate in shine and protection. Please take the time to view some examples of our work in the gallery and feel free to contact us if we can help you take your car to the OCD level!

Aftercare Advice

We recommend that your vehicle is washed weekly using a plush sheepskin wash mitt, high quality shampoo and using two bucket cleaning methods. It should then be dried using a large microfibre drying towel. We are happy to demonstrate this ...


Paint Correction

Paint Correction can save you the expense of unnecessary bodywork repairs that may affect a vehicles originality and resale value. OCD can remove scratches, oxidisation, swirl marks, cobweb scratches, bird stains, water marks, machine buffer marks and ...

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If you have an enquiry about detailing your car or would like to book your car in, why not drop us a line? We don't bite, honest ...

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