What services do we offer?


  • Perfection Detail

    Total perfection is just that with over 30 stages utilising OCD’s paintwork correction techniques, factory sealants and high content carnuba waxes to ensure the ultimate shine. Recommended for show cars / enthusiasts who want the ultimate shine. Estimated Time: 1-2 Days

  • Premier Detail

    Recommended as a once a year package for your car, to restore all interior, exterior and engine bay surfaces to the ultimate shine and to protect them from the elements using advanced techniques and treatments to all surfaces.
    Estimated Time: 1.5 Days

  • Renovator Detail

    Designed for cars that have suffered from severe paintwork oxidization due to lack of paintwork maintenance often found on single stage paint (no clearcoat) and is rectified by removing 2-3 microns thickness of paint to restore the shine. Recommended for older cars. Estimated Time: 6 Hours

  • Exterior Detail

    Recommended as a once a year package for your car, to restore all exterior surfaces to the ultimate shine and to protect them from the elements using paintwork correction techniques and advanced treatments to all exterior surfaces. Estimated Time: 4-5 Hours

  • New Car Detail

    For brand new vehicles when the customer is less than satisfied with the Dealers vehicle preparation. We can rectify any faults and protect all surfaces using advanced treatments Estimated Time: On Request

  • Mini Detail

    Designed for people who don’t understand all the processes involved in the ‘total perfection’ and ‘premier’ details but want to see what OCD can do to their vehicle without paying the costs involved in a full detail. Recommended for ‘newbies’ to detailing. Estimated Time: 1 Day

  • Maintenance Detail

    For vehicles that have previously been fully detailed by OCD for customers who do not have the time to maintain the detailed exterior appearance of their vehicle.
    Estimated Time: 3-4 Hours

 Individual Services

If you are only after specifics, OCD offers the following individual services ...

OCD ‘Engine’ Detail - Often overlooked as rarely seen. OCD offers an ‘Engine Detail’ for those that care. Estimated time: 1 Hour

OCD ‘Interior’ Detail - You spend more time using your interior than any other aspect of your car so treat your interior to an OCD Interior Detail. Estimated time: 2 Hours

OCD ‘Leather Cleanse’ Detail - Feed your leather regularly to maintain that new leather look and smell. Estimated time: 2 Hours

 Treatments & Application

OCD uses the highest quality treatments and applications from all over the world from companies such as Zymol, Swissvax, Zaino, GTechniq, Optimum, Ultima, Meguiars, Auto Finesse and FinishKare.

They include high content carnuba waxes from Zymol and Swissvax to permanent paint guard sealants from Gtechniq and Optimum. Treatments and Applications have been extensively tested throughout years of experience on different vehicles.

OCD will discuss with the customer at vehicle presentation what treatments and applications will fulfil their needs and advise on various options.